Edmont Fallot

Making traditional French mustards since 1840, the Fallot family knows how to craft condiments with harmonious flavors. This classic piquant mustard is beautiful as a major flavor or accompaniment to any meal.  Use it on fish, chicken, pork, or in a sauce to brighten and enhance the natural flavors.

                         En Grains Mustard 21 cl                                                                      Dijon Mustard 21 cl    

                      Honey & Balsamic Mustard 21 cl                                                  Green Peppercorn Mustard 21 cl

                                   Basil Mustard 21 cl                                                                 Burgundy Mustard 21 cl

                                  Fine Gherkins 21 cl                                                      Burgundy Wine Vinegar 500 ml