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“Providing You with the Best of Fine Foods, Dairy Products and Delicatessen”


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For over 20 years, Saranakulina has been your provider of fine foods, dairy products and delicatessen.
We’ve been pioneers in the importing and distribution of food products in Indonesia.
Our rigorous and unending passion to serve you with only the best products that is of quality is unending.
We strive to always improve and enhance the way we serve, so that you may receive onlythe finest service from us.

Welcome to Saranakulina! Don’t hesitate to ask us about our services and what we can do for you.

Dairy Food

Saranakulina’s specialty is in delivering you the best dairy products in the market. We import our products from Europe, Singapore and Australia. In each and every product, we deliver quality.

Fine Food

We specialize in supplying quality, delicious premium food products ranging from gourmet, caviar, foie gras, truffle, balsamic vinegar, olive oils, cake, pasta, luxury preserves, etc. We believe only in providing top quality products for you, our dearest and most valued customer.

Our address:


Jln. Taruna No. 5-6, PondokBambu
Jakarta Timur 13430, Indonesia
Tel. (021) 8660 1081, Fax. (021) 8660 1083
E-mail: sales@saranakulina.com, retail@saranakulina.com, import@saranakulina.com

Branch Offices:

Jakarta: IndogunaMeatshop, Tel. (021) 722 2050
Bandung: PT. Bandung KulinaUtama/Indoguna Bandung, Tel. (022) 7535 191
Bali: PT. Bali KulinaUtama/Indoguna Bali, Tel. (0361) 847 1818
Surabaya: PT. SaranaIndoguna Lestari/Indoguna Surabaya (031) 753 4411
Jogjakarta: PT. JogjaKulinaUtama/IndogunaJogajakarta (0274) 563 617
Makassar: PT. Makassar KulinaUtama (0411) 515 559


Saranakulina is proud to be working with many of the world’s finest food producer. Working together, it is our testament and commitment to bringing the best of the world’s culinary products to you.